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Our Programmes

Academic Apprenticeship Project:

This programme will work with students admitted to one of the Sutton Trust’s summer schools at Bristol, Durham, King’s College London or University College London, and will focus on the preparation of their UCAS personal statements. Each student will receive sustained support from an expert tutor and will be assisted through a subject specific pathway, resulting in stronger, and more targeted personal statements.


Kent Academies Network - Universities Access Programme:

This programme, a collaboration of six independent schools and six Academy schools, in partnership with the Sutton Trust and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, identifies students in Year 9 to begin a four year programme of university access support and enrichment. In each year of the programme, students will spend one week at Easter and one week in the summer away from their own school on a residential course in Kent. Sessions include academic events, but also motivational talks, aspiration-raising activities and enrichment. As students move into the 6th form they will also be given specific help in making an application to university.


Pathways to Law:

This programme aims to widen access to the legal profession by giving talented low and middle income youngsters a two year package of university access support alongside law-specific activities such as mentoring by law undergraduates and work placements at firms. There is also a summer conference which brings students from across the country together. In its next phase, the programme will involve a dozen universities and reach 1200 students, supporting some of the highest achievers through their undergraduate law studies too.


UCL Sutton Scholars:

This programme seeks to create a learning community of 100 highly able pupils from challenging London schools, recruiting 13 years old and working with them throughout the rest of their schooling. Students will take part in a series of activities to ensure that they are stretched beyond the curriculum and challenged by interacting with other highly able pupils. The group will be introduced to new academic ideas, methods of study and ways of thinking that will enable them to reach their academic potential. A final aim is to raise pupils’ aspirations towards highly selective universities, such as UCL.


UK Summer Schools:

Aimed at bright, non-privileged students in state schools, this programme aims to dispel some of the misconceptions that prevent students from applying to leading universities. The programme reaches over 1,700 sixth form students across nine leading universities (Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Kings, Imperial, UCL and Nottingham). The summer schools are subject-specific and include academic sessions, general advice around higher education applications and financial aid, as well as social activities.