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Teaching in a Pupil Referral Unit
Working in a Pupil Referral Unit means you’ll be helping children with problems much more difficult than their homework.

Teaching in private schools
There are big differences between teaching in independent and state schools. Find out about the most important ones here.

My job explained: Primary school teacher
Jo Stanley teaches 9- to 10- year olds. Here she talks honestly about the job: the pay, training, long hours and holidays.

My job explained: Secondary school teacher
Harry Ingham is head of history at a secondary school in Croydon.

Career profile: Primary school teacher
Teaching primary school kids is all about having fun and finger-painting right? Wrong!

Career profile: Secondary school teacher
Are you passionate about a specific subject, highly disciplined and enjoy working with young people?

Career profile: Teaching Assistant
Teaching assistants keep the classroom running smoothly and support children with particular needs.

How do I get into teaching?
Are you a good communicator? Do you have bags of enthusiasm and a burning desire to make a difference? If so then a teaching career may be for you.

How much do teachers earn?
Many people go into teaching out of passion - but it’s still good to know how much you’ll earn and where your career could take you.

Non-teaching jobs in schools
Find out about some of the jobs available in schools if you don't want to become a teacher.

Postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE)
The PGCE is one of several qualifications you can do once you have already completed a degree.

Student finance for teachers
Interested in teaching but worried about money? Find out about the funding available for teacher training.

Teaching children with special educational needs
Teaching children with special educational needs (SEN) is a specialist job with its own challenges and training. Find out how to get started.

Teaching degree courses
Studying an undergraduate teaching degree is often the most direct route into teaching.

Teach First
Think you’re up to working in some of Britain’s most challenging schools? Then think about applying for the Teach First graduate training programme.

Working as a supply teacher
If you want to teach but a permanent job isn't for you, supply teaching could offer the flexibility you need.

Teacher training in schools
If you're keen to get into the classroom as soon as possible, school-based teacher training may be for you.