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Working as a legal aid lawyer
Legal aid helps to bring legal help to those who can't afford it. Find out how you can get involved.

My job explained: Barrister
Paras Gorasia outlines some of the stresses and rewards in becoming a barrister. What inspired you to become a barrister? I always imagined a lawyer as...

My job explained: Commercial lawyer
David Camp is a commercial law solicitor working at Baker & McKenzie in the city. Find out what his fast-paced life is like and discover why he finds the work so rewarding.

My job explained: Common law barrister
Alex Ruck Keene is a public law and common law barrister. His cases mostly involve mental health law, community care law and professional negligence....

My job explained: Criminal lawyer
Sophie Shotton is a barrister specialising in criminal law. Cases she has worked on include sexual offences such as rape, dishonesty offences such as robbery, drug cases and violent crime.

My job explained: Family lawyer
Sara Mullen works as a family solicitor for a London-based firm. Here she talks about her job and what she thinks of having the media present in family...

My job explained: Legal academic
Conor Gearty is a professor of Law at the London School of Economics, specialising in law relating to Human Rights. Read on to find out more about the...

Career profile: Banking and finance lawyer
Do you like the idea of wheeling and dealing in an international environment? Find out more about the fast-paced world of a banking and finance lawyer....

Career profile: Charity lawyer
Charities have a different legal status to other organisations, and may need help to make sure they stay within their remit. That is where solicitors specialising in the field can help charities to make the world a better place.

Career profile: Criminal lawyer
Could you defend a suspected criminal or put together a case to confirm their guilt? Learn more about the demanding but rewarding world of a criminal lawyer.

Career profile: Employment lawyer
Are you good with people and careful over details? Employment lawyers play an important role in making sure that workers and their employers are all treated fairly

Career profile: Human rights lawyer
Would you like to help protect people’s human rights? Find out more about the different routes to working in this field below.

Career profile: Media lawyer
Want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous? Forget about becoming a pop star or model and think about becoming a media lawyer. A what? A media lawyer...

Career profile: Paralegal
Law generates a lot of administration, and someone has to do it – that’s where the ‘paralegals’ step in.

Career profile: Patent attorney
Patent attorneys, or patent agents, are responsible for guiding individuals or companies through the stages of patenting an invention. Patent attorneys are also responsible for protecting an inventor’s claim through litigation if their invention is stolen or misused.

Career profile: Property lawyer
Every time someone moves house, they need a lawyer to negotiate the contract and help make sure the deal is watertight. Read on to learn more about this...

Alternative legal careers
Studying law doesn’t have to mean becoming a solicitor or a barrister. Find out where else your studies could take you.

Bar Council careers information
Interested in a career as a barrister? The Bar Council's website is the place to go for all the information on making it in this competitive profession....

Can you be a lawyer without a degree?
You don’t need a degree to practice law as a Legal Executive.

Interested in becoming a barrister?
The Bar Council's pages on Becoming a Barrister offer information and advice for anyone who feels the lure of the courtroom. Becoming a barrister can...

Top UK law firms
Do you know your Linklaters from your Kingsley Napley? Try our guide to trainee opportunities at top UK law firms. Law firm names don’t tell you a...

What else can I do with law?
Just because you are studying law, doesn’t mean you have to become a barrister or solicitor. There are loads of other careers in which you can use your expertise.

What is the difference between a barrister and solicitor?
It's not just about what wigs and gowns you get to wear. Find out the real difference between barristers and solicitors with this simple introduction.

My job explained: Charlotte Jackson - Trainee Solicitor
Charlotte describes why she chose law and what it is like being a trainee in a law firm.