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What subjects should I choose at GCSE?

So, you’ve got to Year 9 and people are asking you to make some decisions about your future. Which direction do you choose?

Check out these guidelines to help you pick your courses for the next two years.

Do choose courses that...

  • you enjoy. 
  • keep your options open for the future. 
  • you are good at.

Don’t drop a course just because...

  • none of your friends are doing it. 
  • you don’t like the teacher.

Keep your options open

You may have some ideas about what you want to do as a job, or you might not. Either way, the chances are that you are going to change over the next couple of years, so the main thing is to try and continue with a range of subjects.

Ask your teacher if there are any courses you must do if you choose to go into that area later in life. It might be that you can go back to geography or sociology even if you haven’t taken it at GCSE. Sciences and languages will be more difficult to switch back to, if you drop these subjects at this stage.

Start finding out about careers

Find out what careers service your school has and start finding out about different jobs. There are all sorts of resources on the internet to help you too. If you find some careers that you like the look of, try working backwards to see what you need to do now in order to achieve your goal.

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