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What skills do you need to prepare you for university?

Jul 17, 2017

What skills do you need to prepare you for university?A survey of admissions tutors reveals the skills they think new students are lacking.

The tutors' biggest worry was around the change in study style from school or college to university: 89% said that students found it difficult to learn independently, while 88% warned of problems managing the amount of work they had to do. These problems could be down to a lack of preparation before the course starts: 70% said that new students didn't have a full idea of what their course would involve.

Outside study, 72% of tutors were also worried about students' wider life skills – things like managing your money, cooking healthy food and navigating a new city. Skills like these make a big difference to your wellbeing at uni, and can affect your results too – so try to get some experience before you go, and remember you can ask for help from friends, parents, tutors and lots of other sources if you need it.

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