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Applying for an apprenticeship

Applying for an apprenticeshipInterested in an apprenticeship but not sure how to get started? Read this quick guide to understand the basics.

An apprenticeship is a real job

While apprenticeships provide valuable training and lead to real qualifications, they're not just training courses: they're jobs. That means that you apply for them in a similar way to any other job. You apply to a particular employer for a specific vacancy, and they will decide whether to hire you based on your skills and experience.

This means that the same rules apply as with any other job: you will have to sell yourself, and you will probably have to go to an interview or assessment day.

For tips on putting together an application that will get you noticed, take a look at these articles:

Finding vacancies

Wannabe apprentices have a big advantage over other jobhunters: a directory of vacancies provided by the National Apprenticeship Service. Not only can you search for vacancies online, you can reuse parts of your application for different vacancies, making applying quicker and easier. You can apply for up to 10 vacancies at once through the site.

However, employers will also advertise for vacancies on job websites and their own websites, so if you are interested in working for a particluar organization you can keep go direct.

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