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Where should I live?
Are you planning on going to university? One of the most important decisions to make choosing where you'll live.

Finding student accommodation
As well as beginning a course and meeting new people, for many students starting university means leaving home. Here’s how to find somewhere to live.

Guide to campus living
So you've decided to live in university accommodation? There are usually lots of different types. Check out this guide to help you make up your mind.

You don't have to live in halls!
University halls of residence might be the top choice for most first year students, but smaller flats have hidden advantages.

Student accommodation: Top tips
Where you live during your studies can have an impact on what you get out of university.

How do I find private accommodation?
Want to get your own place but don't know where to start? Check out these handy hints for finding diamond digs.

Private renting: Things to remember
So you’ve decided to rent privately? There are many different things you need to remember before you sign the contract, so check out our guide below.

Househunting: What to ask and look for
So you've set up a viewing of a property you like. How do you know the place is right for you before signing a contract?

Moving to a new home checklist
It can be hard work getting used to a new place. But you'll find it much easier to settle in if you get to know where all the important services, shops and facilities are.

Average weekly student rents around the UK
Rent varies enormously depending on where in the UK you live, so if you rely on average rent figures for the whole country you could be in for a shock. Get more detail with this simple guide.

If you’re moving into private accommodation, your landlord will want you to put down a deposit. Read on to find out why – and how to make sure you...

Fire and gas safety
Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a fire or gas emergency in your home but accidents can happen – especially if you’re not careful. Read...

Top home security tips
Burglars might love your new student house almost as much as you do. Read on for our top tips for keeping them out. With thousands of students moving...

Applying for social housing
If you know that you cannot afford to rent a place for yourself, you may have to apply for local authority housing. Here's how you do it. At some point,...

unihomeswap allows students to swap their rooms at home with other students during term time.

Landlords and letting agents
If you’re renting private accommodation, it will be either through a letting agency or direct from a landlord. Read our guide to find out the difference, and what it means for you.

How to solve common student accommodation problems
If you’ve got problems with your student house, our guide will give you the keys to sorting them out.

Accommodation for international students
Discover the different accommodation options for international students studying in the UK.

Your rights when renting
Renting a home can be a scary step. Find out about the rights that protect you.

Reducing your bills
Bills can be one of your highest costs, but a few simple steps can help you to make savings.

Student accommodation myths
Where you live will be a big part of your university experience. Avoid these myths to make sure you make the right choice.

Avoiding accommodation scams
Accommodation fraud can leave you out of pocket and with nowhere to stay - so be aware of the risks, and find out how you can stay safe.

Saving money when you live in halls
Students living in halls can't follow some money-saving advice, like switching broadband supplier – but there are other ways to bring costs down.

Your rights in a shared house
If you live in a shared house, your landlord may have extra legal responsibilities.